When Snow Plowing Alone Isn’t Enough

If you own a business you might think that having a clear parking lot is enough when the South Bend snow starts to fall. But if all you are doing is moving snow around, you are leaving yourself quite vulnerable. As a property or business owner, you are responsible for taking reasonable care to ensure that anyone who enters onto your property is reasonably safe. During the winter that includes more than just snow plowing South Bend services. There are lots of things that you need to consider to keep you, and your patrons, safe this winter.

Deicer and Salt

Even after you remove snow from sidewalks, walkways and entryways, what is left can be more slippery than if you hadn’t removed the snow to begin with. That is why it is important that you hire a company that covers the entirety of the issues on your property. It isn’t enough to shovel the snow away but also to use the tools necessary to ensure that things aren’t slippery and frozen which might include things like deicers and salt. But only a professional and experienced company will know best how to keep everything safe!

Fleets To Haul Away Snow

At times, so much snow falls that it isn’t possible to simply push it to one side. Before the first flake of snow falls, it is important for a snow plow service to know where snow can be deposited in the event that there is a lot of it. Also, if there isn’t enough space on-site, it might be necessary for the snow to be removed to another location. Having a professional snow plow company that has a fleet that can remove snow is very important. If it is piled too high, it might lead to hazardous conditions for both pedestrians and motorists and predispose you to legal action for negligence.

Ice Storms can be Worse Than Snow

It is not uncommon for ice to accompany snow. But if you aren’t prepared for both, or know what lies beneath, it is difficult to treat it the right way. A professional snow plowing company has the forethought and tools not only to react after a situation, but to understand weather patterns, and when possible, use tools to minimize conditions and make things easier ahead of time. Our professionals watch the weather so that we aren’t ever surprised by what comes our way. And we use all the tools possible to make things less unpredictable and difficult after a storm of any kind hits.

Communication is Highly Important!

It is important to know that you hire a company that will be there when you need them. But there is nothing worse than sitting around waiting and wondering when they are going to make it. Hire a snow plowing South Bend company that maintains constant contact when it matters most. As a client, you should know when you business is on the route and when you should see some help coming your way. Make sure that you not only know what the plan is overall, but what the plan is the day when the snow hits the fan!

Sometimes snow plowing is not enough, and just the tip of the iceberg. As a business owner is it imperative that you know you’re covered and that you are doing everything possible to minimize your liability during winter. At Above & Beyond we have the experience to get things done, the tools to get them done right, and the character to stand behind all that we promise. Contact us today so we can keep you, and everyone around you, with snow plowing South Bend and beyond services.

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