What Add-Ons to Your Snow Removal Services Are Worth it?

As we head into colder weather, it might be a while before we see our first flake of snow – or it could be tomorrow. As anyone who lives in the Michiana area knows, if you aren’t proactive, you could be left shoveling all alone. If you are wondering which services you need for your home or office, these are some snow removal South Bend add-ons that are well worth the additional cost – does your snow management company have them?


Sure, there is nothing better than watching the snowplow arrive to dig you out, but if you have to get out and shovel all the other areas, it kind of takes all of the convenience out of the service. The additional charge to shovel things like entryways and sidewalks is well worth it. Stay toasty and warm inside and let someone else brave the cold – watching from the window is so much better than bundling up and doing it yourself!

Snow Removal

Although most people hire someone who can move or push snow, there are times that removing snow altogether is a much safer and better alternative. For commercial properties, piling and pushing will not only lead to less space for parking and other things; it can potentially end up with hazardous mounds that are tough to see around, leading your customers to an accident. If you have a parking lot or a driveway that has limited visibility without snow piles, consider having snow moved to a different location to reduce your liability come wintertime.


Snow is a huge problem in the wintertime – some years more than others, but what is consistent is ice. Throughout the winter, sometimes the most hazardous things are the build-up of ice on surfaces around your home or office. If you are going to the expense of having someone plow and shovel, make sure you are covering all of your bases by also having someone de-ice. It makes no sense to have someone do the heavy lifting and then have dangerous conditions because you didn’t just add de-icing to your list. It is a must to keep everyone safe!

Landscaping Markers

Once the snow starts to fall, it will be difficult for plowers to see where your driveway and landscaping boundaries lie. If you are proactive and have someone come to outline a map before the snow hits, that’s great. If you don’t, however, or if you just want a little extra insurance to keep your landscaping safe, you can invest in markers to outline where your beds are, where the driveway stops, and any other structures that might be hidden under snow mounds. That way, you discover a bunch of yard problems after the thaw!

As the colder air reaches the area, many residents are probably thinking about the snow to come. Don’t wait until the last minute and then try to find a company for snow removal in South Bend that can supply all the services you need. Think ahead of time about what add-ons are worth it and find a company like Above and Beyond. We go the extra mile to do it all so you can sit back and stay warm indoors. Contact us today to schedule your snow removal services for winter.

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