Snow Removal Services

Sidewalk Cleaning

Keeping walkways and steps clear from ice and snow insures safe passage for both employees and visitors….

Ice Control

Snow and Ice Management Company stockpiles bulk salt all winter long, continually replenished daily if…

Snow Stacking

After a major storm event or two, the snow can really pile up, causing driving hazards for visitors and costing…

Snow Hauling

When stacking services are not enough, the snow simply has to be removed from the site. Now it’s time for…

The Best Snow Removal Pros in the South Bend, Indiana and Michiana Area

South Bend and Michiana winters seems to get worse with each passing year, which is why a comprehensive service like snow removal in South Bend has grown in popularity amongst home and business owners in the area.

By hiring a one of the top South Bend snow removal companies, you will literally take a load off—a load of snow that is. Don't worry about the snow falling and the ice freezing. We'll be there to take care of it for you, hassle free.

Snow piling up may not seem like an immediate problem. However, when it's time to get to work, or get the kids to school, even with bad winter weather, then you then you should hire a pro company for snow removal in South Bend.

S.I.M.A. Certified Snow & Ice Control

We are a S.I.M.A. certified snow and ice control all of Michiana and our services include anti-icing pre-treatments, snow plowing, and snow removal. Above & Beyond is one of the few snow removal companies who meet the stringent requirements to be designated as Certified Snow Professionals by the Snow and Ice Management Association! The Certified Snow Professional (CSP) certification is the highest designation for professionalism and excellence in snow and ice management services, and we're proud of our certification.

Snow Removal Contracts

Our seasonal snow removal contract service includes 24 hour storm monitoring so we know what's coming, 24 hour service, and a 24 hour service hotline for emergencies.

What to Expect

When a winter weather event is on it's way to dump snow and ice on your property, we deploy our anti-icing trucks to pre-treat your property. One application from our snow and ice specialists will improve your surfaces for multiple days and nights. If snow begins to build up we deploy our snow plow fleet out to take care of your property quickly!



Don’t wait another moment, call Above & Beyond Snow Management today for your snow removal needs.