Why Not Give Your Loved One the Gift of a Shovel-Free Winter?

It is hard to believe that the holidays are on the way. Thank goodness this year is shaping up to be much more joyous than last year. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one on your list, why not be practical and give them something they will really enjoy? Hiring a snow service in South Bend will be the gift that keeps giving long after the Christmas lights have been taken down and put away. These are just four reasons to give the gift of a shovel-free winter.

Reduce the Risk of Shoveling Accidents

According to statistics, approximately 100 deaths per year and over 11,000 injuries stem from shoveling snow and dealing with icy conditions. If you have an elderly loved one on your list who is too stubborn to hire a snow management service for themselves, do it for them. That way, you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt while clearing their driveway and sidewalk.

Stop Slip and Fall Accidents

Removing snow is one thing, but preparing the ground to reduce the risk of snow and ice-related slip and fall injuries is another. Make sure that the person on your holiday list is protected from ice injuries by having a professional snow service take care of not just the shoveling, but also de-icing to ensure that you provide a safe haven for the winter!

A Gift For You Both

Many of us have had to take on the care and maintenance of our aging parents and loved ones. So when the snow and ice begin to fall, that puts the onus on you to make sure that those you care about are safe. If you hire a company to shovel and remove ice and snow for them, you are really doing it for yourself as well. When the snow hits you can rest assured knowing that you aren’t leaving them stranded until you can get there to shovel them out.

Gifts are Great, But...

The reality is that your loved one doesn’t need a new necktie or gift certificate for dinner. Being practical might not have all the bells and whistles that opening up a nice gift does, but they will absolutely appreciate your thoughtful nature when they see the plow truck clearing their driveway and surrounding areas. Gifts just accumulate or get put on shelves. A snow service is something that they really need and can use all winter long.

Gift-giving season is nearly upon us and if you are having a hard time figuring out what to get for the loved ones on your list, consider hiring a snow service in South Bend to make sure that they are safe, warm, and taken care of all winter long. It is a gift that will last longer than anything you can put in a box. To discuss how we can take care of your loved one’s needs this winter, contact us to make your appointment today!

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