Taking Stock – You Didn’t Hire a Snow Service This Year, How did That Turn out?

A whole lot of things have happened in the world over the past seven weeks thanks to the COVID-19 era. And if you are like most people, you have probably started to take stock of the things in life that are important, and are trying not to stress about those things which aren’t. Now that the snow is, hopefully, behind Michiana residents, you are probably taking a sigh of relief. While you are letting go of the angst over snow removal hurdles looming over your head, take stock. If you didn’t hire a snow service South Bend company this year, how did that turn out? These are just three good reasons to put a post-it note on your calendar to hire someone for when fall inevitably comes around again.


Although most people merely think about the inconvenience and hassle of snow removal, there are some real and present dangers that come with it. If you were able to weather another storm season healthy and unscathed, consider this, studies have found that as many as 11,000 people are hospitalized yearly from removing snow, with injuries including bone fractures, back injuries, and heart attack and strokes. When you start to think about how precious your health is compared to the small cost of snow services, why take the risk?

Is it Really Worth the Savings - is it Really Saving at all

Most people opt to take care of snow removal on their own to try to save money. But when you start to factor in all the things that you have likely had to purchase to remove snow this year alone, you might find that you spent money doing it yourself.

Things like new shovels, gasoline for your snowblower, snowblower maintenance, and de-icers for your walkways probably really added up. And it just might be possible that you would have at a minimum broken even if you had let professionals take care of it instead of braving it alone. So take the time to do the numbers and pull out the receipts, it might actually save you money to save you!

Storing All That Junk?

With spring upon us, you might be hitting the garage and shed for a spring clean up. While you are throwing things out, look around and see how much space all the snow removal equipment that you have is taking up? Most homeowners use most of their garage space, or their entire storage shed, to house things that you only have to use for about a third of the year. If you just hired a snow service to take care of it all next year, you can resell your stuff, make some money, and start parking in the garage instead of the street again. And again, sometimes we think we are doing ourselves a favor when it is really no favor at all.

If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that life is way too short and precious to sweat those things that we don’t have to. The small cost that it takes to pay for a snow services South Bend company pales in comparison to all the time you waste, the cost that you probably aren’t paying attention to, and the risks that you are putting on yourself. Make a mental note now – or perhaps a physical one, to hire a company next year and start enjoying the wintertime that much more!

For information about our services so that you will be ready when the cold weather returns, contact Above and Beyond Snow Management today!

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