Prevent Roof Damage This Winter — Benefits of Roof Shoveling

As the fall temperatures roll in, we all know that winter ice and snow are not far behind. This winter, make sure to have a plan in place for heavy snow. Since you never know when the snow will fall, it is best to have a roof shoveling company in mind to call to maintain your roof and save it from damage. Roof shoveling can be very dangerous and is best up to a professional, but it is also necessary so find someone now so that you are ready to go when the snow starts to pile.

The Benefits of Roof Shoveling

Roof shoveling is just as the name implies. Although not all homeowners do it, it is a must when snow begins to pile up on your roof. The main objective of roof shoveling is to prevent something called “ice dams”. And the best guide to when roof shoveling should be done is anytime there is more than 6 inched of snowfall. If you have a compromised or older roof, then it is critical that you rake your roof after twelve inches of snow accumulation to prevent your roof from collapsing.

What is the Difference Between Roof Raking and Roof Shoveling?

There are times when you can get away with roof raking and others when roof shoveling is a better alternative. Which is best for you really depends on the size of your house and how much snow accumulation there is. Also, conditions like the type of snow, either powdery or watery, will help to guide you on what option is best.

If you live in a one-story home, then roof raking might suffice, since you might be able to reach the entire surface of the roof and rake off the majority of the snow. When you live in a two or three-story home, raking becomes more problematic, and probably not a great option to make sure that your roof isn’t carrying excessive weight.

The Limitations of Roof Raking

Roof raking has specific limitations for homeowners, however. Unless you have a one-story home, it is hard to get to the snow at the center of your home. And it also becomes difficult to rake the roof valleys of your roof, which are most vulnerable and can lead to roof leaks during the winter. A roof leak will most likely not be spotted until substantial damage has been done, which is why roof shoveling is a more recommended practice to keep your home safe from damage.

So, Do I need Roof Shoveling?

If you are a homeowner concerned with protecting your roof and home from leaks, or even the roof caving in during heavy snowfall, then yes, roof shoveling is a good idea. But it is not a good idea to do-it-yourself. Getting up on the roof during the winter is something best left to professionals.

At Above and Beyond, we understand the importance of snow management and being prepared for the winter ahead. To ensure that you are ready before the first flake even falls, contact us today to devise a plan of action to keep your roof, sidewalks, and driveways clear and safe all winter long.

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