Don’t Repeat These Mistakes Next Winter

As the cold weather and snow rage on, now is a perfect time to take stock of how you would have done things differently if you had some hindsight at the beginning of the winter season. The best way to not make the same mistake twice is by recognizing what you should’ve done but didn’t. When it comes to snow management, preparation is everything, especially with all of the snow that we have had this year. Keep this checklist handy as we roll into spring and summer, and make sure to look it over again in the fall to remind yourself what you need from your South Bend snow plowing service ahead of time.

Hire Ahead of Time

One of the biggest mistakes that most Indiana residents make is waiting too long to hire their snow management company. If you don’t get on the list before the first snowflake falls, good luck getting your home plowed when you need it! When you don’t prepare by hiring someone, you are on the back burner waiting until everyone else is plowed out. Next year, even if snow doesn’t start falling until January, make plans at the first frost so you know that you will be the first one on the snow plower’s list!

How Did the Shoveling Go?

Remember the thought you had before the snow and ice began to fall about how you can do your own shoveling? How did that serve you? Just because we can do things doesn’t necessarily mean that we should or want to. The nominal fee that a snow management company charges for the additional niceties like shoveling walkways and sidewalks is well worth being able to sip your morning coffee while watching someone else brave the cold!

Can’t See Around the Mound?

Nothing is more irritating or unsafe than trying to play dodgeball getting out of your driveway. When we get as much snow as we have had, it has to be piled somewhere if there aren’t any accommodations made beforehand. Next year, consider hiring a company that has the equipment to move snow off your property instead of just piling it high. It is not only a safer alternative – it is a more aesthetic one, too.

Landscaping Repairs?

If you didn’t hire a snow management company to come out and mark what is where before the blanket of snow hit it, you might have some landscaping repairs to make. Landscaping is not cheap, and it’s not fun to spend time replanting and replacing. Next fall, hire a snow management company that is willing to come out, survey your property, and add markers so that when the snowplow comes through, it doesn’t come through with a vengeance.

The best way to stop mistakes from happening is to learn from them. As we roll into what hopefully looks like warmer weather in the spring, take note of all the things you want to do differently next year so that you can be prepared enough to make the best of the snow that will undoubtedly fall, just like every winter in history. Contact Above and Beyond Snow Management to inquire about reserving your spot for next year today!

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