Common Issues You Had With Your Old Snow Service to Avoid This Year

As we head into summer, we collectively say a fond farewell to the snow and ice of last year’s winter. But before you put it completely out of mind, it is best to learn from experience. If your snow services South Bend company fell short last year, it is a good idea to take note of what went wrong so that you can find a better way to manage snow and ice for the winter season ahead. Check out the common issues that you might have had with your snow removal company – did any of these happen to you?

Too Much Snow to Handle

We had a long winter full of snow. At certain points, the snow came down heavily. And if your company wasn’t prepared, that might have left them piling it up high. Piled snow is never a good option. It becomes an obstruction and can make it difficult to get around. A full-service company would have tackled it by moving it elsewhere instead of just pushing it aside. Remember that inconvenience next year.


If your snow removal service didn’t evaluate your yard properly before the snow hit, they might not have mentioned the landscaping features and boundaries that you had. Once the snow hit, they might have done some damage to your property that wasn’t seen until the ice and snow melted. Before you hire a snow services South Bend company for next year, make sure to communicate that you would like a site map before the snow falls to avoid having to repair damage to your landscaping or driveway.

Ice Wasn’t Controlled

When you remove snow and you don’t properly de-ice, things can get really slick and dangerous. A full-service company will take precautions to put down salt to ensure that everyone is safe. A slip and fall injury can be incredibly dangerous! So before you sign any contracts for next year, make sure that you find a company that does it all – from snow removal to controlling ice!

Shoveling Entryways and Sidewalks

Having your driveway or parking lot plowed is a great convenience, but if you have to get dressed to shovel the entry and driveway, then it kind of defeats the whole purpose. When leaving the house in the morning after a snowfall, make sure that everything is taken care of, including shoveling. It doesn’t cost that much more for the comprehensive service!

As we say goodbye to the cold, now is a perfect time to reflect on how well your snow service in South Bend did last year covering your property. If you had some issues, make note of them so you don’t make the same mistakes again this coming winter. At Above and Beyond Snow Management, we have all the latest equipment and offer the most comprehensive snow removal services in Indiana. Contact us today to get set up for next year and be ahead of the game.

Making the Decision

Having a tree removed is an expense that homeowners want to avoid. But if you have a tree with storm damage that likely won’t make it, it is better to be proactive and have it removed than to run the risk that it will cause more damage in the long run. Contact Above and Beyond if your tree has sustained storm damage, and let us be your guide about how to proceed.

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